Our services in the field of electrical installation are:


Domestic electrical installations

Wiring in buildings, including maintenance

Electrical installations in industrial buildings


  • provision of lighting and electrical equipment
  • wiring for renovations of apartments and houses
  • Kitchen distributions


Providing electrical wiring and heavy current for the ones who experience weak currents. We also provide revisions equipment, repair and maintenance of electrical, installation of high-voltage electrical equipment. We are also now offering electrical services to small businesses around the area which is mainly involved in moving offices. We have employed the best IT support services provider in town offering the best it relocation services


The wiring process is carried out by our experienced electricians with long experience in the field and the required inspection test. We also keep updated with the latest innovations in electrical technology by constantly reading news and articles all over the web like the ones provided by this great technology blog right here.


Wiring can be ordered NON-STOP on the phone: 078 8447 3250